The Law Firm provides judicial and extra-judicial assistance in all the fields of civil, commercial and tax law, with particular attention to commercial law.

It is possible to access to a complete description of the principal areas of the Firm’s activities selecting from the following list:

Banking law

The Law Firm has a wide and consolidated experience in banking law, advising primary Italian/foreign banks, financial intermediaries, and leasing companies operating in Italy. In particular, the Law Firm may provide extra-judicial assistance (i.e., drafting, negotiation and enforcement of agreements/analysis and structuring of specific transactions), as well as advising on judicial and out-of-court disputes and debt collections’ issues.

Corporate and Commercial Law

The Law Firm provides assistance to its Clients for the correct management of companies, either in the “ordinary phase” (i.e., the setting up, drafting/amendment of the by-laws, shareholders’ agreements, restructuring, merger and acquisitions, attendance to shareholders’ meetings, advise to corporate offices/bodies) or in the “extraordinary phase” (bankruptcy/restructuring proceedings, shareholders v. companies disputes, tax disputes).

Litigation and Arbitration

The Law Firm provides to its Clients assistance on civil law judicial disputes, at any level until the Supreme Court, with a net of professionals of multiannual experience. Furthermore, the Firm has a solid experience in alternative dispute resolutions, such as national and international arbitration proceedings.